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The Second Scientific International Conference For Biology and Pure Sciences

19th-20th October 2022

Under Theme

Pure Sciences Research: A Future Vision Towards A Sustainable And Developmental Society

Under the patronage of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Prof. Dr. Nabeel Kadhim Abd-Alsahib

and under the supervision of the president of the Mosul University
Prof. Dr. Qusay Kamaladdin Al-Ahmedy

And headed by the Dean of the College of Sciences
Prof. Dr. Hiyam A. Altai
"Conference Chair"

The Collage of Science holds the The Second Scientific International Conference For Biology and Pure Sciences  (SSICBPS2022)
at University of Mosul

19th-20th October 2022 

Prof. Dr. Hiyam A. Altai

Dean of The College and  The Conference Chair

Our College

The College of Science was established in 1963 and the study began in it with two scientific departments: (Department of Chemistry and Mathematics). In 1964, three other departments were created: Physics, Biology and Earth Sciences. Then the Department of Computer Science was added in 1983. The College has been providing the community with scientific cadres with different specializations in Chemistry, Physics. Mathematics, Biology, earth sciences, and computer sciences
A master’s study was developed in the Department of Chemistry and Life Sciences in 1968, then Physics in 1972, Earth Sciences and Mathematics in 1974, and Computers in 1989. Also, a doctoral study was introduced in 1978 in the Department of Chemistry, in 1989 in the Department of Biology, and in 1991 it was developed in the rest of the departments of the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Science awarded Bachelor’s degree in nine majors, namely chemistry, physics, mathematics, statistics, earth sciences, plants and animals, microbiology and computers
The specializations in postgraduate studies/Master’s and Ph.D. studies also vary. Since its establishment, the number of graduates of the College of Science has reached 11,975 in preliminary studies, more than 880 graduates in master’s studies, and more than 153 graduates in Ph.D. The college had two departments of Mathematics and Computers. After the transfer of these two departments from the College of Science, the number of its departments became only four: Chemistry, Physics, Earth Sciences and Biology. Later on, two additional departments were established which are Biophysics as well as New and Renewable Energy. The College of Science is a member of the Scientific Association of Faculties of Science in the Association of Arab Universities.

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